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1 Shift Freedom

Our goal is to bring you products from around the world made by women who have lost their husbands due to imprisonment or death for their faith and women coming out of the human trafficking rings that are now the sole supporters of their families. We hope to bring light to their stories and enable you with an opprotunity to help change their lives form accross the seas.

Bella Bejeweled - Twilight Inspired Jewelry

Check out my friend Sarah at Bella Bejeweled! She is in the forefront of Twilight inspired designs and does Amazing work! Stunningly crafted pieces that rival the big lines!


Emerging Magazine


Check out our new friends! Mixology is going to the Emmy's! Our products will be a part of the "2009 Emerging Magazine Emmy Awards Luxury Gift Suite" ( gift bags and will be presented to Emmy Award Nominees. Keep and eye out for photos and videos of the event!



Check out my friends etsy shop for Amazing creations! She makes our Redemption Rings!



Now You Have a Choice!  More features.  Better service.  Lower Fees!  TicketForce provides innovative and flexible ticket solutions for every size venue and event promoter.

ZOe Productions

Unlike many production companies, which focus on providing either beauty and creativity for special events, or specialize in organization and planning, ZOe sets itself apart by truly integrating all facets of design and logistics to conjure a never-to-be-forgotten experience.